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First-Trinity Presbyterian Church (Originally First Presbyterian) has a rich history in Laurel, dating all the way back to the foundation of the town. This timeline is a brief overview of history of our church. More detailed information and documents can be found in the first floor Library of the church.


Silas Gardiner donates his lot on the corner of 5th Ave and 5th Street- a plot originally intended for his own home.


Rev. Coit of Enterprise, MS visits Laurel and finds 6 Presbyterians


Their first service is in February, however, in December of the same year, a fire destroys the church building.



With only 50 members, First Presbyterian became the first church of any denomination between Meridian and New Orleans to hire a minister full time.


With the church's membership having reached over 400 and an auditorium to hold only 265, the church plans to raise $60,000 within two weeks to construct a
new building.



The first service is held in the completed third (and current) building.



Trinity and First Pres. reunite in FPC's building to form First-Trinity Presbyterian Church.



Within 3 days, L.C. Eastman offers
to donate $100,000 on the condition that the congregation would raise matching funds within a year. In just
a few weeks, the challenge is met.
With an ever-growing membership, FPC forms a sister church, Trinity Presbyterian. The congregation met at Mason Elementary School for 3 years until a church building was constructed on Audubon Drive. 
FTPC celebrates 25 years together.
George and Silas Gardiner and Lauren Chase Eastman move from Iowa to Laurel to continue their lumber industry.
In just one year, a new building is already established.
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